Get Your $COSMIC!


COSMIC is used to gain reach certain thresholds and levels that will allow for more opportunities within Cosmic Universe, such as having enough COSMIC to unlock advanced artifacts, structures, and magic. The required COSMIC to unlock these elements within the game will then be burned, while the rest can be kept by the player. 

Players can also simply gain more XP and level-up to unlock in-game assets, meaning paying COSMIC is not required, but it will speed up the process of acquiring assets. COSMIC can be earned through various in-game sidequests, promotions, and tournaments.

How to Get $COSMIC

Add Harmony to MetaMask
Follow these instructions from on how to install MetaMask and set up a custom RPC endpoint. You'll be able to switch between using MetaMask for Harmony, Ethereum, and other networks using the standard 0x-style address.

Find your ONE address and transfer your ONE from the exchange to the address.

Note: You can use the Harmony Explorer to switch between ETH and ONE address formats. Simple click on the hamburger menu (three bars) to switch address formats.

Harmony Explorer

Add COSMIC to MetaMask's token list with this contract address:


On PancakeSwap, add 1COSMIC to the MetaMask token list with this token address:


Go to the decentralized exchange of your choice using one of the links or logos on the lefthand side of this page and swap your ONE, LOOT, or BNB for COSMIC!
If you still have trouble getting COSMIC, feel free to ask for help in our COSMIC Guild Telegram group and we will happily answer any questions you may have.

Add your COSMIC to any one of the COSMIC liquidity pools to strengthen and democratize Cosmic. Add to liquidity pools on LootSwap and then stake Liquidity Pool tokens in any of Cosmic's 7 yield farms.

You have just embarked on a most glorious journey through space and time 🧙 

Swap COSMIC on LootSwap

Swap MAGIC on LootSwap

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