Cosmic Universe

A play-to-earn fantasy crypto gaming metaverse on the Harmony blockchain.

Cosmic Universe is an immersive fantasy metaverse MMORPG where players explore realms, harvest, mine, build increasingly-advanced settlements, and engage in PVP competitions and events. 

Cosmic Universe gives players full ownership of their NFT characters and land, and integrates the play-to-earn model into its ecosystem. Create, trade, and monetize NFTs and other gaming experiences.
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Own Character & Land NFTs in Cosmic Universe

Buy, sell, and trade characters and land NFTs that will be used in Cosmic Universe.
Mint Cosmic Wizard NFTs
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Explore, Gather, Build, Trade, Ascend

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Cosmic Universe is a fantasy-themed multi-planetary adventure-based role-playing game being developed on the Harmony blockchain. It is play-to-earn and integrates exclusive character and land NFT collections, focusing heavily on buying and developing land, harvesting and mining resources, acquiring skills and magic, and forging alliances, all while developing increasingly advanced plots and settlements on the home planet of Crypton and beyond. Following the play-to-earn model, players can earn token rewards through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.

  • Main Quests, Truth Quests, and Side Quests
  • Rewarding online gaming tournaments
  • NFT-based crypto gaming experience
  • Explore, build, and level-up in Cosmic Universe

Buy, Sell & Trade NFTs

Buy, sell, and trade land plots and settlements on Crypton and Cosmic Island, as well as land on planets, as NFTs. artifact, relic, and equipment NFTs that can be mined, harvested, and bought to create new items. Explore Crypton and other planets, and purchase land NFTs, or even win them during minigame tournaments.

Create your own NFTs and make your own assets that are tradable on the NFT marketplace. NFT items procured for free that are mined or harvested on Cypton or other planets can be traded, bought, and sold on the NFT marketplace as well. 

Mint Cosmic Wizard NFTs
Cosmic Wizard Character NFT

Yield Farming

The Cosmic ecosystem has several yield farming pools open for its native COSMIC and MAGIC tokens that provide impressive yields.

Purchase, Trade, Compete

Go head-to-head with others in fun Quests or via Adventure Mode using collectible NFTs either won, traded, bought.

Blockchain Gaming

Our flagship game Cosmic Universe, as well as minigames, provide a fun and rewarding opportunity to level-up and collect rare Cosmic NFTs while earning crypto.

10K Character NFTs

Large Community

Play-to-Earn Fun

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